Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tonight Notes and Sheet Music


kristiwong24 said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I love ur sheet music!

Marielle=] said...
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Marielle=] said...

i love this song
thank you for the chords
if i didnt found you in youtube
i would have not playing lot of music in my piano right now
oh do you have the chords
for "more than words" by extreme and "never been replaced" by first lady and "officially missing you' by tamia. please post those songs i really want to learn those songs, oh yea by the i loveee your site im a fan your site, why? because i tried finding a sog with chords/notes for about ten or 15 days [thats true] i cant find any site that have like this. all i found is: download the song sheet and you get the song and buy the song sheet you'll get the sheet. ihate downloading it make my computer so slow. anyway please post those songs please. iloveyour site. thank you for reading this its so long. bye!!! [when i found your site i always i was like wow this is the cooliest site. im not keeding ok!. hahaha.] bye!!!

-Marielle ]

pandoe said...
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pandoe said...

i was just wondering if could post the pianosheets of you should''ve said no by Taylor Swift??

pleaasseee...I'd appriciate it ^_^

Julieta said...
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Julieta said...

Heeey, do you have the chords for "the winner takes it all" by ABBA? thanks a lot and your music is excelentt. BYE!

Anonymous said...

HI!!!!! ur music is sooo good!! have u learned the song Viva La Vida by Coldplay?? i really want to learn that song but i only get music from u soooo...ya.

i love mcfly so deal with it said...

omg your the best pianist...can you play sorrys not good enough by mcfly...i really wanna learn that song but i cant find it anywhere on youtube
well thanks anyway
your so awesome

jamymathurn said...

thnx sooo much but can you like make more cuz you stopped and there are a lots of songs like katy perry, beyonce, usher, jason derulo, justine beiber and a lot more.