Sunday, September 14, 2008

Simple Song Notes and Sheet Music


Nicole said... notes!
;[ *sigh*
is that a mistake?

kathryn said...

heyy i absolutely love your sheet music for the song "crush" its amazing. thanks so much. i was wondering if you could make sheet music for the new song "Mad" by Neyo though... btw i dont mean "when you're mad" it would be greatly appreciated
soo its this song on youtube

natalia said...

Hey can you make the notes of Driveway by Miley Cyrus? =D please!

Or any song of the new cd ..

Anonymous said...

danggg chica!
you are one smart cookie.
i used to play piano and i stumbled upon your blog and decided to pick it back up so i could learn to play this song. :)
i love the sheet music for this and a little bit longer.

do you take requests?
if you do, do you think you could do hometown glory by adele?
i would be forever grateful. :)

just notify me when/if you can get it done @

thank you sooo much!

DreamxOutxLoud said...

Thank you! I wass just looking for it and then I remembert you (because I saw your video's) and then I found this site!!
You saved my life!! :)
well not litteraly ...