Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can I Have This Dance Notes And Sheet Music

Hey everybody! Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians! I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you to God for the talent he has given me and thank YOU guys for all your kind words and encouragement.


comment.girl said...

thnx soooooo much for this!
i love it soo much....
can you post
"i don't wanna miss a thing"
by david cook or aerosmith?
its the same song anywaay.....

p.s. can you post "so small" by carrie underwood?

p.s.s. i know i already told ya bout the songs i wanted, but anywaay i thought i could remind you

comment.girl said...

i almost forgot..
can you also post
"incredible" by
the clique girlz
i would love you a lot
if you did
aanyway i don't think
you would care about
me loving you
but anywaay
post this one first!!

RebeccaCatz said...

nice nice :D
awesome i love this song! :D

P.S. could you post "Valentine's Dance Tango" from Another Cinderella Story? Thank you. :D

Burnin'UpForNickJ said...

omg this is so awesome. thanks a million for making these! Can you please do just wanna be with you from HSM3 it is my all time favorite song!

Seet said...

could u post all[if can] hsm3 music sheet score

rockerchick63 said...

OMG thank you so much for making this site, i absolutley love it!! and to make it even more awsome i'd love it if you could do the song high school musical 3 i just wanna be with you. thanks so much! =D

Nur Auda said...

wow how did you get or post the music sheet and nice you tube acount

simplybrian22 said...

and i really wanna play it but i really need help on the printing.

When i print it out, it seems that the notes are too big to fit all in one paper and half of the sheet is printed and the other half isnt. can you please help me!

Courtney said...

ok first i just want to say i have seen ur videos on utube and you are like AWESOME!!!! i love piano and i just know that main melody notes to 7 things and my freinds are always amazed. im learning this is me too. and now this! i have one request. I Miss You? by Miley Cyrus! Could you try and post that. Again, you are totally awesome and are super super super super super super super super super good at piano. i hope that someday i'll be that good. ive only been taking lessons for 4 years. plus, i don't do it in the summers.

bob said...

omg thanks for this
i didn't want 2 comment on all ur posts, but i just found ur site and its awesome!!!
thanks for doing this
and this is my fav HSM3 song so thanks again!!!

alliedanille said...

do you think that you could get the song "I Just Wanna Be With You" or any of the other High School Musical 3 songs??

Please :)

Thanks :)

This stuff is awesome!

litoblue22 said...

thanks soo much for this song!
i love it! and im getting real good at it.

I WOULD LOVE IT SOO MUCH! if you could post "Suddenly" by Ashley Tisdale. I have been looking everywhere and tried to play it but i cant.

Chase said...

OMG!!! This is the best song ever!!!! Could u maybe send me the .MUS file?? It'd be so great if u did!! If you'd be okay with it, send me a message on my YouTube account "alittlefabulous" and I'll give you an email you can send it to. THANKS SO MUCH!

Amy said...

Hi! i searched this up on google for the sheet music for a little bit longer and i was sooo glad that this was something that was free and was great! it was my level, and cant tell u how grateful i am! thnx!

Amy said...

Did u compose this?!
Its aweeeesome!
i tried it on the piano
it realy sounded great
well actually i didnt try THIS song yet but i tried a little of a little bit longer and it was just like the actual one.
did u make this though?

Angelica said...

This sheet really helps. Do you know 'All-American Girl' by Carrie Underwood? I best you would be GREAT at that. God gave you this talent, and you better keep it. I bet there's more than one talent for music... more chances for you!! You have a GIFT!!

Marquee Fuentes said...

cool.....great sheet music....
can u make some more?:D

nadda2806 said...

thanks ! Now i can finally try this song ! Thx Horse Girl 15

Jill said...

i was wondering if you could post one in a million by miley cyrus. thanks !
p.s. you're awesomee! :)

Jill said...

hey, i was wondering if you could post one in a million by miley cyrus. thanks!

LuvPink said...

thanks 4 the music i really aprecciate it now i know some songs to play!!! and remember love pink<3 oh and can u post love story by taylor swift 4 acoustic guitar thx oh and if you want to see my account go to

Gemmaa said...

heey. thankyoou soo much. this is awesome. could yoou pleeeease post appreciate by nicholas jonas (when he was younger.) thank yoou soo much this has helped me soo much :) x

Princezz Naissya said...

You should really do more disney channel songs that are written by the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato. YOu have an amazing gift and God Bless you. He has great things 4 u.

Beyonce would b nice:) :p

Grace said...

O my gosh, thank you thank you thank you, for making this blog! i have searched all over the internet for piano sheet music for some of my fav. songs!!!! I even created an account just to comment! Oh and if you take requests, can you post one for Thinking of you by Katy Perry..... PLEASE !

rain_drops said...

YEAH!! THANK YOU SO MUCH HORSEGIRL!! =D thank you thank you haha kisses girl from France =)

Tim said...
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nadine said...

hey cn u plz plz plz plz post vanessa carlton twilight
its not cos of the movie i just really love tht song

thank xoxo

Bai Bai said...

This helped alot! :) can you do any Justin Bieber song? :) Thanks!

TiyaR6 said...
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rebeccablack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gennn; said...

hey could you post any more hsm songs?

preferably everyday, right here right now and you are the music in me.

TiyaR6 said...

could you please post sheet music for party in the usa by miley cyrus thanks

Clark said...

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Kaja said...

Hey i love you taks for al the notes post songs from selena gomez please please.... thanks

kimberly said...

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Ridhi Web Expert said...

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Thank you
Brad Fallon

sharma said...

How can I convert my piano music into sheet music on my laptop to print off?

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CuteCloudZ said...

Thankz a lot....!!! I reall really wanted this... Tz awesome.. :D\

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