Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two Worlds Collide Notes and Sheet Music


mac123tbp said...

Yay! I was looking for this! Thanks! You music! Could you do some songs from Nick Jonas' solo album. Like Joy to the World? Please.

86Punk98 said...

kwel can u do trainwreck??
ur really gud ur like my piano teacher cuz ive learned a lot from u thx

comment.girl said...

i soo love you!!!
i have been wanting this song
since like forever
thanks sosososososo muuch!!! (:
can you do i don't wanna miss a thing
by david cook or aerosmith
it's the smae!
rorsy for the long messagebieee
take care

p.s. thanks again for the song!
i love it so much
it's my favorite song below
carrie underwood's "so small"
btw, could you do that one too?
i'm off

Us.. said...

can you do Innocence by avril??
if you can..then can you post the sheet music here?

and when u say C# does tht mean its C major? or minor? (im new at this thing thats why.


ryanne said...

Could you please put the chords of he's a pirate on your blog? Thanks a lot!! You're awesome!

parade the day/ said...

ehm, like, what are those alphabets below those lyrics? are they chords or what? i cant really understand. and do we play it together or separately?

puppyluvr4567 said...

Will you please put the notes for "The best day" and/or "FOrever and always" both by taylor swift. Thanks Terin

Ashleigh said...

I really love that you have done this. It's a HUGE help to me. White Horse is a lot easier than I imagined at first. You really have a talent. I just have one request, if it's not too much trouble . . . Either Inseperable by JB or Underdog. :D I love those songs.

LOLpuppywonder123 said...

Can you do La La Land by Demi Lovato if you've hadn't already??

Joe said...

thank you very much

Mandy said...

hey! love your sheet music thank you so much! Do you think that you could do Believe In Me by Demi?
thanks! love,
Mandy Renfroe

Elysha said...

can you do until you're mine buy Demi Lovato!
thanks :D

victoria said...

I am Brazilian, but i speak english (not so well)

but i aw you videos on youtube and MAN!!!
you're amazing!!!
I was thinking if you could put in youtube or in your blog, more music sheets, tutorials of Miley Cyrus or Hannah montana...
Specificaly i wud like to see & print I miss You, Miley cyrus.

Is it too dificult? Because i have 10 years old...

Well, thank very, very, very much!


anetka said...

can u please post the notes to i must not chase boys by play?

Anisha said...

I love this song!!!!! THANKS
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

Vampire Girl said...

Fan of twilight and Taylor Swift, huh? Me too!! I cried when the last book was out! Anyway, where is the Love Story (Taylor Swift) notes?

Irene said...

i second what anetka said, could you please post the sheet music for "i must not chase the boys" by play.

Anonymous said...

Awesome thanks so much for posting this where do u find these notes???????? Can u find the Harry potter theme song??????Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey PLZ reply to know on keyboard...could u please send me what tone you set it to for this song and some others?

sweetsophie_15 said...

Thanks SO..............MUCH I Luv You.UR so Awesome and Great
THX Again
But if you can can you post "one and the same" by demi lovato and selena gomez

sweetsophie_15 said...

where do you get the sheet music from anyway or do you listen to it and write it down yourself if you do you are very talented

musicismylife said...
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lee woo said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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Keep up the great work & happy blogging!


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